industrial rubber rollers & Liners

Rubber Liner
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Rubber as a lining material has proved to be very useful in material handling applications due to its inherent dampening properties. The dampening effect of a rubber liner depends on angle of impact. Wear resistant rubber liners are manufactured from special rubber compound by high pressure moduling which imparts abrasion , impact & corrosion reistant properties to these liners.

Application area:-

Enhanced elasticity & dampening property absorbs impact loads providing cushioning effect. Longer life resulting Lower cost per ton.
High resilience dissipates the heat load developed due to intermittent loading. less weight with respect to steel , hence easier to install.
Fire reistance from red hot Bulk Materials conforming protection to the structure. safe operation & prevents conveyor damage.
Low hardness compared to steel , redices mineral degradation & tonnage loss in sized mineral handling. Lower inventories can be maintained due to predictable wear pattern.
Rubber Dock Fenders
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With the help of our modern manufacturing facility, we manufacture dock rubber fenders which required for fitment to frontal frames for dock as well as vessels. We have specialization in molded and extruded fenders can mould Rubber fenders up to 3 meters and 500mm diameters. As per the customer requirements and we can provide fenders of various specifications as per drawings.